NSL Aerospace is an official aviation and aerospace sealant distributor for three aviation sealant Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well as our FAA-approved line of aerospace PMA sealants. Our valued customers include MROs, airlines, OEM, and chemical management companies of all sizes. Our approach always puts them first. So, whether you’re military, private, or public sector, we’re the distributor you want.

Royal Adhesives and Sealants, part of H.B. Fuller, is a manufacturer of high-value specialty adhesives and sealants.

We proudly offer NSL PMA sealants, approved by the FAA and deemed non-critical. These are cost-effective alternatives to PPG/PRC sealants.

Founded in 1942, Flamemaster Corporation manufactures sealants and adhesives, as well as other products.

Dapco (D Aircraft Products Inc.) is manufactured by Cytec and includes firewall sealants, silicone adhesives, and more.


We have a wide base of international customers who rely on our stocked brands and fast delivery. We pride ourselves on finding custom solutions to complex situations, as well as providing international customers with the same value-added services we offer to our domestic ones. Those include:

  • Short lead times
  • Quick turnaround
  • No expedite fee
  • PMF
  • Blanket orders
  • No minimum orders (unless required by the manufacturer)
  • Custom packaging and quantities

Even more unusual, we help our global customers with complex logistics, regulations, and documentation requirements. This assistance streamlines the export-import process, including customs and shipping rules, which can be a headache.

Learn more about international aviation sealant distribution on our dedicated international sales page. You can also get in touch with an international sales team expert by phone at (+1) 800-527-0011.

Every customer interaction, even the small ones, matters. It puts our values into action, like kindness, courtesy, and fairness. We aim to exceed expectations every time.

— Jim Carney, President & Co-owner, NSL Aerospace