Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Product Catalogue

What brands do you carry?

For aerospace sealants, we keep in stock Royal Adhesives & Sealants (HB Fuller), Flamemaster, Dapco (D Aircraft), and NSL PMA Sealants. If we don’t have it on our shelves, we can get it. We source many other sealants, silicones, and more.

For sealant application, we distribute Beyer & Otto manual and pneumatic sealant guns.

For sealant removal, we distribute SunAero (Aerowing) manual and pneumatic sealant removal tools.

For our full product list, see our All Products Page.

What types of aerospace sealants do you sell?

We stock aviation sealants for use on fuel tanks, fuselage, and access doors and with multiple applications like firewall, electrical, and optical purposes. Our sealants meet many common needs of our customers, like high-temperature resistance, fast cure, primerless application, lightweight, and corrosion inhibitive.

In addition, we can source many other sealants, silicones, etc. to meet the needs of different applications, specifications, and more.

What is the shelf life for these products?

Shelf life varies by product. A product’s shelf life could be six months, or, in the case of pre-mixed and frozen, a few days. Exact shelf life information is listed on each product’s technical data sheet (TDS).

How do I calculate shelf life?

This can vary. Some manufacturers calculate shelf life from the date of packaging to the date of expiration. Others calculate it using the date of kitting instead of packaging. It can be tricky to calculate the remaining percentage of shelf life, so we’ve created a shelf life calculator to make tracking easier.

Are your PMA products FAA Approved?

Yes. The FAA verifies that the replacement and OEM sealant materials are equivalent in all aspects. All the measured physical characteristic data defined on the replacement sealant TDS, like hardness, adhesion, time to cure, tensile, elongation, etc., is compared to the physical characteristic data of the OEM sealant listed on the OEM’s TDS. The data of the replacement sealant and OEM sealant are compared to any necessary commercial, industrial, and aerospace specifications for compliance. Read more about this topic in our Definitive Guide to PMA Sealants.

Do you sell replacements for PPG sealants and PRC sealants?

We do, and this is determined by the required specification when it comes to our Flamemaster and Royal sealants.

When it comes to our PMA sealants, per the FAA, our sealants are direct replacements, so anywhere a PPG or PRC sealant is called out in a QPL, our PMA can be used. A specification is not necessary to determine whether you can use the product.

Placing Orders

Do you offer blanket orders?


Can you handle AOG orders?

Yes! Please let us know when you are placing your order that it is AOG, and we will let you know what we are able to do.


Do you ship worldwide?

We do! You can learn more about our international sales and speak with our customer service team to meet any customs or shipping needs you have.

Do you drop ship?

Yes, we do!

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! Please be prepared to provide the account number for your preferred shipping method and to arrange pickup for any overseas shipment.

Can you do blind shipments?

Yes! Just send us whatever documentation you want your customer to receive with the shipment, e.g. a packing slip, invoice, etc. Please clarify whether you need changes made to our labels such as removing our logo or company name. If you would like to provide your own labels, we are happy to use them, though we are not able to print them for you.

Billing, Payments, and Fees

What are your payment methods?

We accept Amex, Visa, and Mastercard credit cards for domestic customers. We also accept wire transfers, ACH, and checks. For overseas customers, we require payment in advance.


Are test reports and certs included with the order?

Yes. COCs, test reports, or 8130s are provided for every order. Safety data sheets are available upon request.

Are you Nadcap or ISO certified?

Yes, we are. You can find our Nadcap and ISO certificates on our QMS and Service Page.

Whom do I contact for your quality certificates or supplier surveys?

You can find our Nadcap and ISO certificates on our QMS and Service Page, or you can contact our quality department at for copies of the certificates as well as a supplier survey.

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