Search NSL PMA Sealants by Aircraft Make and Model

PMA Sealants have proven to provide aviation and aircraft professionals with superior value. However, we have also found that one of the biggest barriers to entry for PMA usage is a lack of confidence in finding the right NSL PMA Sealant for the aircraft you serve. This table is designed to help users find the right sealant for them, whether by aircraft make, aircraft model, NSL PMA sealant product name, or PPG/PRC sealant product name.

The Make & Model Table below acts as a guide for identifying eligible PMAs for a specific aircraft. Within a few clicks, you will discover

  • Which or how many of the PMA sealants can be used on that specific aircraft
  • The PPG equivalents for that PMA sealant

For example, if you want to know which NSL PMA sealants can be used on an Airbus 320, select Airbus in the Make dropdown menu and 320 in the Model dropdown menu or type it into the search bar. The results will show you which NSL PMA sealant is available and which PPG/PRC sealant it replaces.

Who will benefit most from this resource?

This page is also useful for someone who wants to see the list of all eligible aircraft for one NSL PMA Sealant. For facilities that service multiple aircraft models, this use can help you better understand which PMAs will serve a wider array of aircraft models.  Here, you can sort, filter, and search the data for all NSL PMA Sealants at once.

Another way to find a full list of eligible aircraft is to check out our static lists of makes and models for each NSL PMA sealant: AIRCRAFT ELIGIBLE FOR NSL PMA SEALANT DIRECTORY

That resource is a good choice for people who want to quickly see the list of all eligible aircraft for a specific NSL PMA in one place or have a general overview. It's also an easy way to share a static list with a colleague or manager in the purchasing, maintenance, or engineering departments.

This Table differs in that it provides a dynamic sorting ability for users who could benefit from seeing a full list of all PMA sealants for one aircraft model or all aircraft eligible for one PMA sealant.

We hope this helps. Feel free to reach out for clarification or other questions.