NSL is Now Proudly Offering Sealants to Piranha Members at an Exclusive Discount.

Why Choose NSL Sealants?

  • FAA Approved as Direct Replacement for PPG/PRC Sealants
  • 8130 Airworthiness Approval
  • Average shelf life remaining of more than 6 months
  • Traditional semkit and container packaging
  • Simplified Pricing - One price for each product size
  • Non-critical Part
  • Available Pre-Mixed and Frozen (PMF)

Product Cross References:

OEM ProductNSL AlternateClass & Cure Profiles
PR-1422NSL1422RCA½, A2, B½, B2
PR-1428NSL1428B½, B2
PR-1440NSL1440RCA½, A2, B½, B2
PR-1750NSL1750B½, B2
P/S870NSL870B½, B2
P/S890NSL890RCA½, A2, B½, B2


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