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Maintaining the performance and integrity of aircraft landing gear is an essential part of aircraft maintenance. Aircraft landing gear is very durable, but it is susceptible to wear and tear from corrosive agents, stress, or improper mishandling, which can lead to additional maintenance costs for airline operators.

In this guide to aircraft landing gear parts, we’ll discuss the major components of landing gear and the landing gear components that commonly require maintenance, repair, or replacement.

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What are the parts of a landing gear in aircraft?

The landing gear is made up of 5 major structural parts: the wheel, shock absorber, the brake system, turning system, and the undercarriage retraction system. Each of these major parts includes its own individual components that at times require maintenance, repair, or replacement, such as:

  • Brake discs, pads, and linings
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Tubes
  • Dampers
  • Shock chords/rings
  • Axels and nuts
  • Brake components

Maintaining the integrity and performance of landing gears is essential to the safe operation of aircraft. At NSL Aerospace, we source the highest-quality landing gear parts from the manufacturers you trust. We can find the landing gear parts you need.

4 Types of Landing Gear

There are four types of landing gear that function to connect aircraft to the ground.

  • A tricycle landing gear has two main wheels beneath the fuselage and one wheel beneath the nose of the aircraft. This is the most common type of landing gear.
  • A tail wheel gear includes two large wheels near the forward part of the fuselage and one wheel a the tail of the aircraft.
  • Pontoons are hollow tanks over or in place of the regular landing gear. They allow for operations on water.
  • Skis can be added to or replace landing gear to allow for better operation on snow or arctic environments.

What is the lifespan of an aircraft landing gear?

Aircraft maintenance technicians work hard to maximize the performance and lifespan of landing gear through regular maintenance, but commercial airliners are required to overhaul or replace aircraft landing gear about every 10 years or 18,000 flight cycles.

When the time comes for a landing gear overhaul, operators become in need of aircraft landing gear parts, gear-sets, or other spare parts that they may not have on-hand in their inventory. An aircraft parts supplier like NSL Aerospace can help those operators source the parts they need to replace or overhaul landing gear and return their aircraft to full-operation.

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