NSL PMA Sealants Hub

NSL Aerospace has paved the way in the aviation industry for PMA sealants. We were first-to-market with our line of NSL PMA Sealants. We’ve also created many resources for you throughout this site to increase your familiarity and confidence in these time- and money-saving FAA-approved products.

The purpose of this page is to consolidate all the resources in one place. These are the general stages of getting PMA approval for your company.

The Stages of Implementing NSL PMA Sealants

Stage 1: Learn More About PMA Sealants

Introductory Guide to PMA Sealants

PMA can be a confusing concept to those who are just getting into or are unfamiliar with the FAA and alternative/replacement parts, like PMA. This intro guide explains basic concepts, benefits, common misconceptions, and the FAA approval process for PMA sealants.

NSL PMA Sealants

Learn more specifically about our line of NSL PMA Sealants. In 2008, we spearheaded FAA approval of NSL PMA sealants accreditation. We’re PMA experts and we’ve got the know-how to help you succeed!

Stage 2: Understand the Benefits of NSL PMA Sealants

Hold Photo - 4 ways pma parts

Stage 3: Figure Out Which NSL PMA Sealants You Can Use

NSL PMA v PPG Sealants Cross Reference Chart

This cross reference chart is one of the most popular PMA features on our site. Many customers find it useful because it allows discovery of the equivalent NSL PMA for the PPG sealants you are buying.

Eligible Aircraft Directory

Use this directory to determine which NSL PMA sealant is approved for use by the FAA on your specific aircraft. You'll find a page for each PMA sealant, and on that page, you'll see every eligible aircraft by make and model.

Eligible Aircraft Table

This table is for you if you want a quick way to sort, filter, or search through all of our PMAs as opposed to viewing eligible aircraft on individual pages.

Stage 4: Visit Product Pages & Find Technical Information

NSL PMA Sealants Product Pages

Ready to get specific? On this page, you can find our NSL PMAs for aircraft windshield sealant, fuel tank sealant, aircraft window sealant, and several rapid-cure or corrosion-inhibitive sealants. In each page, you’ll find general information as well as the TDS for each product.

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