Beyer & Otto Sealant Guns

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Beyer and Otto Sealant Guns

NSL Aerospace is proud to carry Beyer and Otto sealant guns in our product catalog. Founded in 1952, Beyer & Otto is a dynamic and innovative company based in Germany and a trusted, reliable name in sealant application systems.

Having the right tools is necessary for efficient, safe, and effortless sealant application. Add a sealant gun from NSL Aerospace alongside your sealant order and you’ll have everything you need to get the job done.

What Beyer and Otto Products does NSL Aerospace carry?

  • Manual sealant guns
  • Pneumatic sealant guns

Why choose Beyer and Otto? 

Beyer and Otto sealant guns are compatible with both Semco and Techcon cartridges, meaning you’ll have the tool you need regardless of your type of cartridge. They are also designed with lightweight, retractable holder systems. One reason we carry Beyer & Otto sealant guns is because they are both ergonomic as well as tough and durable. They get the job done right the first time.