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Custom Packaging









The Importance of Right Sizing

Our customers’ needs led us to incorporate custom packaging for aviation sealants as part of our value-added services.

Why? Because we know that the job you’re doing might be easier if your sealant arrived at your business in a custom size. Generally, we package in standard 2.5oz and 6oz semkits, as well as pints and quarts. We also package in side-by-side cartridges, pre-mixed and frozen, and more. If these aren’t exactly what you need, our custom packaging might be the perfect solution for your aviation sealant.

We want to be able to right-size the amount of material in the packaging to fit your needs. We know the industry and what tools best fit the job at hand. Because we specialize in aerospace sealants, we have tips and tricks for streamlining the work.

Here’s one example. Seams on the exterior of an aircraft require running long beads of airplane sealant – stopping mid-seam is inconvenient. A standard 6oz semkit contains 3.5oz of sealant, and it is possible to fill a semkit up with up to 5.25oz of sealant. So perhaps it is easier to add 40-percent more sealant to a semkit by asking for that 5.25oz fill, as opposed to continuing to buy a 3.5oz filled semkit and stopping the workflow to mix a new cartridge.

There’s also the factor of waste. Sometimes, a job doesn’t require the entire 3.5oz fill. But once a semkit is mixed, there’s no saving it for next time. Use it all, or throw away what’s leftover. We all know that the feeling of throwing away money is one of the most frustrating things a business can experience. That’s why we offer different options for smaller fills.

At the end of the day, as our CEO has always said, “If you want your sealant in a Coke bottle, we’ll give it to you in a Coke bottle. We don’t need to know why you want it the way you do. We just need to make sure we get it to you when you need it and how you need it.”

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