Aircraft Eligible for NSL PMA Sealants

PMA Aircraft Sealant Matching

Our NSL PMA Sealants offer a multitude of benefits. Customers from across the globe report our PMAs consistently provide:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Cost savings
  • Increased supply chain stability
  • Improved product performance.

But how do you match your aircraft to NSL's alternatives to PPG/PRC aerospace sealants? This PMA directory is designed just for that.

Click on the NSL PMA Sealant you're interested in, and you'll find a complete list of the aircraft makes and models that per the FAA the selected PMA sealant is eligible for use as a replacement of the OEM part.

NSL 870

Replacement for PRC-DeSoto Sealant Pro Seal 870


Replacement for PPG/ProSeal 890/890M

NSL 1422

Replacement for PPG/PRC-DeSoto Sealant PR-1422

NSL 1422RC

Replacement for PPG/PRC-DeSoto Sealant PR-1422

NSL 1428

Replacement for PRC-DeSoto Sealant PR-1428

NSL 1440RC

Replacement for PPG/PRC-DeSoto Sealant PR-1440

NSL 1750

Replacement for PRC-DeSoto Sealant PR-1750

NSL 1776M

Replacement for PRC-DeSoto Sealant PR-1776M

If you have more questions about the benefits of NSL PMA Sealants, you can read our Introductory Guide to PMA Sealants. You can also filter for these aircraft sealants on our all products page.

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