National Stock Numbers

Match Part Numbers to NSN

The U.S. Department of Defense uses National Stock Numbers (NSN) to identify the parts they buy with higher frequency. That includes the aircraft sealants and adhesives we sell from Royal Adhesives & Sealants, Flamemaster, and Dapco (D Aircraft) Sealants, Primers & Adhesives.

For example, the Dapco 2100 NSN number is 8030-01-471-0604. You can find it by using the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this table. You can also filter the products by NSN or manufacturer.

8030-00-159-5116CS2415 B1/2
8030-00-782-1420CS2415 B1/2
8030-00-782-7782CS2415 B1/2
8030-00-888-0534CS2415 B1/2
8030-01-371-8402CS2415 B1/2
8030-00-181-7925CS2415 B1/2
8030-00-693-2311CS2415 B1/2
8030-01-007-9153CS2415 B1/2
8030-01-386-8980CS2415 B1/2
8030-00-631-8013CS3100 Ty1 Cl1
8030-00-181-7884CS3100 Ty1 Cl1
8030-00-823-7953CS3100 Ty1 Cl1
8030-00-148-7362CS3100 Ty1 Cl2
8030-01-175-3479CS3100 Ty1 Cl3
8030-00-200-8341CS3100 Ty2 Cl1
8030-00-881-2618CS3100 Ty2 Cl1
8030-00-881-5238CS3100 Ty2 Cl1
8030-01-371-4022CS3100 Ty2 Cl1
8030-01-805-9875CS3100 Ty2 Cl1
8030-21-805-9875CS3100 Ty2 Cl1
8030-00-297-6677CS3100 Ty2 Cl2
5970-00-814-0394CS3100 Ty2 Cl2
8030-00-174-2597CS3100 Ty2 Cl2
8030-00-286-9035CS3100 Ty2 Cl2
8030-01-333-4821CS3100 Ty2 Cl2
8030-01-371-4023CS3100 Ty2 Cl2
8030-01-383-4992CS3100 Ty2 Cl2
8030-01-438-4116CS3100 Ty2 Cl2
8030-00-515-2271CS3100 Ty2 Cl3
8030-00-616-7696CS3100 Ty2 Cl3
8030-00-684-8790CS3100 Ty2 Cl3
8030-00-174-2601CS3201 A1/2
8030-01-381-1821CS3201 A1/2
8030-01-050-8287CS3201 A1/2 Black
8030-00-174-3199CS3201 A2
8030-00-275-8116CS3201 A2
8030-00-286-2266CS3201 A2
8030-00-559-6131CS3201 A2
8030-00-031-7781CS3201 B1/2
8030-00-024-9634CS3201 B2
8030-00-262-9041CS3201 B2
8030-00-275-8117CS3201 B2
8030-00-613-9083CS3201 B2
8030-00-851-8379CS3201 B2
8030-00-251-7228CS3202 Class B
8030-00-275-8110CS3202 Class B
8030-00-537-7925CS3202 Class B
8030-00-656-1042CS3202 Class B
8030-00-837-9935CS3202 Class B
8030-01-381-1821CS3202 Class B
8030-01-a12-0412CS3202 Class B
8030-00-753-4596CS3204 A1/2WS-8020RC A1/2
8030-00-753-5008CS3204 A1/2WS-8020RC A1/2
8030-00-753-5010CS3204 A1/2WS-8020RC A1/2
8030-00-842-8127CS3204 A1/2WS-8020RC A1/2
8030-00-965-2004CS3204 A1/2WS-8020RC A1/2
8030-00-007-8337CS3204 A2WS-8020RC A2
8030-00-723-5343CS3204 A2WS-8020RC A2
8030-00-723-5344CS3204 A2WS-8020RC A2
8030-00-753-4598CS3204 A2WS-8020RC A2
8030-00-753-5003CS3204 A2WS-8020RC A2
8030-00-753-5009CS3204 A2WS-8020RC A2
8030-00-841-6832CS3204 A2WS-8020RC A2
8030-00-889-3531CS3204 A2WS-8020RC A2
8030-01-363-6505CS3204 A2WS-8020RC A2
8030-01-363-6671CS3204 A2WS-8020RC A2
8030-00-080-1549CS3204 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2, WS-8020RC B1/2
8030-00-174-2599CS3204 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2, WS-8020RC B1/2
8030-00-753-4597CS3204 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2, WS-8020RC B1/2
8030-00-753-5004CS3204 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2, WS-8020RC B1/2
8030-00-753-5007CS3204 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2, WS-8020RC B1/2
8030-00-841-6831CS3204 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2, WS-8020RC B1/2
8030-00-964-1892CS3204 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2, WS-8020RC B1/2
8030-01-476-2255CS3204 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2, WS-8020RC B1/2
8030-00-432-9544CS3204 B2WS-8020 B-2
8030-00-152-0013CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-00-262-9041CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-00-579-8453CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-00-685-0915CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-00-723-2746CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-00-753-4599CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-00-753-5005CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-00-753-5006CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-00-878-8428CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-01-333-4822CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-01-333-4823CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-01-490-9711CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-01-490-9712CS3204 B2WS-8020 B2, WS-8020RC B2
8030-00-174-2598CS3204 B4WS-8020 B4
8030-00-850-0758CS3204 B4WS-8020 B4
8030-00-850-0759CS3204 B4WS-8020 B4
8030-00-850-5717CS3204 B4WS-8020 B4
8030-00-932-1990CS3204 B4WS-8020 B4
8030-01-154-8253CS3205 B1/2
8030-01-154-9252CS3205 B1/2
8030-01-154-9254CS3205 B1/2
8030-01-156-6229CS3205 B1/2
8030-01-371-8405CS3205 B1/2
8030-01-371-8405CS3205 B1/2
8030-01-371-8406CS3205 B1/2
8030-01-154-9245CS3205 B2
8030-01-154-9246CS3205 B2
8030-01-154-9255CS3205 B2
8030-01-154-9256CS3205 B2
8030-00-008-7207CS3213 A1/2
8030-00-008-7196CS3213 A2
8030-00-008-7198CS3213 B1/2WS-8070 B1/2
8030-00-470-9154CS3213 B1/2WS-8070 B1/2
8030-01-097-4519CS3213 B1/2WS-8070 B1/2
8030-01-184-0328CS3213 B1/2WS-8070 B1/2
8030-01-184-0329CS3213 B1/2WS-8070 B1/2
8030-01-387-1017CS3213 B1/2WS-8070 B1/2
8030-00-008-7200CS3213 B2WS-8070 B2
8030-00-009-5023CS3213 B2WS-8070 B2
8030-00-518-3439CS3213 B2WS-8070 B2
8030-01-124-7622CS3213 B2WS-8070 B2
8030-01-184-0330CS3213 B2WS-8070 B2
8030-01-196-1958CS3213 B2WS-8070 B2
8030-01-333-3953CS3213 B2WS-8070 B2
8030-01-333-3954CS3213 B2WS-8070 B2
8030-01-333-4821CS3213 B2WS-8070 B2
8030-01-480-4270CS3213 Class B
8030-00-264-6583CS3330 A1/2
8030-00-291-8380CS3330 A1/2
8030-00-152-0062CS3330 A2
8030-00-584-4399CS3330 A2
8030-00-065-0306CS3330 B1/2WS-8010 B1/2
8030-00-152-0021CS3330 B1/2WS-8010 B1/2
8030-00-152-0022CS3330 B1/2WS-8010 B1/2
8030-01-028-4336CS3330 B1/2WS-8010 B1/2
8030-00-616-9191CS3330 B2WS-8010 B2
8030-00-680-2041CS3330 B2WS-8010 B2
8030-01-365-3913CS3330 B2WS-8010 B2
8030-01-371-9246CS3330 B2WS-8010 B2
8030-01-383-4993CS3330 B2WS-8010 B2
8030-00-598-2090CS3330CI A2
8030-00-598-2910CS3330CI B1/2
8030-00-881-3933CS3330CI B1/2
8030-01-418-5414CS3330CI B1/2
8030-01-418-5418CS3330CI B1/2
8030-01-104-5396CS3330CI B2
8030-01-371-9247CS3330CI B2
8030-01-418-5417CS3330CI B2
5970-01-084-4932CS3808 A2
8030-01-330-0728CS5306 A1/2
8030-01-330-0729CS5306 A1/2
8030-01-330-0730CS5306 A1/2
8030-01-330-0731CS5306 A1/2
8030-01-330-0732CS5306 A1/2
8030-01-330-0733CS5306 A1/2
8030-01-330-0734CS5306 A1/2
8030-01-330-6568CS5306 A1/2
8030-01-290-5136CS5306 B1/2
8030-01-290-5137CS5306 B1/2
8030-01-330-6569CS5306 B1/2
8030-01-330-6570CS5306 B1/2
8030-01-330-6571CS5306 B1/2
8030-01-330-8631CS5306 B1/2
8030-01-330-8632CS5306 B1/2
8030-01-290-5138CS5306 B2
8030-01-290-5139CS5306 B2
8030-01-438-4103CS5306 B2
8030-00-312-6128CS5500 A1/2
8030-00-602-0107CS5500 A1/2
8030-01-036-6936CS5500 A1/2
8030-01-395-5474CS5500 A1/2
8030-01-496-6811CS5500 A1/2
8030-00-602-0049CS5500 A2
8030-00-602-0051CS5500 A2
8030-01-387-1001CS5500 A2
8030-00-348-7888CS5500 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2
8030-00-602-0039CS5500 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2
8030-00-602-0045CS5500 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2
8030-01-252-7963CS5500 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2
8030-01-381-5291CS5500 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2
8030-01-381-5302CS5500 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2
8030-01-408-3769CS5500 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2
8030-01-408-3770CS5500 B1/2WS-8020 B1/2
8030-00-322-7275CS5500 B1/2
8030-00-485-3237CS5500 B2WS-8020 B-2
8030-00-560-8758CS5500 B2WS-8020 B-2
8030-00-560-8759CS5500 B2WS-8020 B-2
8030-00-585-4900CS5500 B2WS-8020 B-2
8030-01-066-6444CS5500 B2WS-8020 B-2
8030-01-380-9542CS5500 B2WS-8020 B-2
8030-01-383-3953CS5500 B2WS-8020 B-2
8030-01-383-4185CS5500 B2WS-8020 B-2
8030-01-509-8518CS5500 B2WS-8020 B-2
8030-00-035-0083CS5500 B2
8030-01-488-3562WS-8030 B2
8040-01-454-7393Dapco 1-100
8030-01-088-0088Dapco 18-4F
8030-01-471-0604Dapco 2100
8030-01-471-0603Dapco 2200
8040-00-097-6524Dapco 3300
8040-01-365-2297Dapco 3302
8030-01-588-1859Dapco 72
8030-01-641-4792Dapco 72

National Stock Numbers FAQ

What are NSN Stock Numbers?

NSN Stock numbers (National Stock Numbers) are numerical identifiers assigned by the United States Government’s Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) to items that are procured, stocked, and issued through the federal supply system. They are required for every item that is purchased or stocked by the government, such as tools, parts, or aviation sealants.

What is an NSN Lookup?

NSN lookup, or National Stock Number Lookup, is a process used to identify an item based on its assigned NSN number. This type of search is often used by government agencies, military personnel, and aerospace companies like NSL Aerospace, to find a part's National Stock Number. Also, NSN lookups can help government and military agencies, as well as aerospace companies, track and monitor NSNs, ensuring all parts and materials used in their operations are up-to-date and compliant with the Department of Defense’s standards.

What makes an NSN Number?

NSN numbers contain a unique 13-digit identification code. National Stock Numbers are critical in purchasing, storing, shipping, and inventorying items used throughout the military and other government entities. The NSN number is composed of several key parts. The first four digits of an NSN number represent the Federal Supply Classification (FSC) group for the item, which is a broad categorization based on its use. The next two digits represent the National Item Identification number (NINN), which identifies the specific item within the FSC group. The next two digits are the NATO country code, or the country responsible for the item’s production, and the final five digits are specific to a particular manufacturer or supplier.