Aerospace Sealant Shelf Life

DID YOU KNOW? Low shelf life doesn't reflect product performance or quality in aviation sealants.

This is a common misconception we hear all the time. Many people are worried that by buying sealants with low shelf life, they're getting items of lesser quality that won't perform at 100 percent. That's not the case. Shelf life is just a reflection of how much time is left for a product to be used at full efficacy.

For example, let's say you want to buy two quarts of Class A NSL 1422: Fuel Tank Sealant, an FAA-approved PMA replacement for the PPG PR-1422 sealant. It has a shelf life of nine months. This means that for nine months, the product performs at 100 percent. Even if you buy it five months after its manufacture date, you still have four months of 100 percent performance. Use the calculator on this page to find out shelf life for the aviation sealants you want.

No one likes overages and waste. We understand that. It's one reason why we work closely with our customers to offer "just-in-time" delivery - what you want, when you want it. This means you can keep a lean inventory and work on a more as-needed basis.

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