NSL proudly supplies FAA approved, NSL PMA silicones. NSL PMA silicones are high strength, acetoxy silicone RTV adhesive. They are non-critical parts and alternatives to GE and Dow Corning silicones. These silicones provide the same quality to you but at a lower cost. They conform to the specification of the GE and Dow Corning silicones and are approved replacements for those products on a vast range of aircraft including major manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus. The list of eligible manufacturers can be found in the PMA supplement which is listed in the FAA’s PMA database and on each of our product pages.

We have the capability to provide custom packaging and sizing. All our orders are shipped with 8130s.

AS157: Fast Cure Silicone RTV Adhesive
FAA approved replacement for GE157 and Dow Corning 732

AS159: Fast Cure Silicone RTV Adhesive
FAA approved replacement for GE159, GE106 and Dow Corning 736

NSL PMA Sealants

  • Non-critical Part (FAA AC 43-18 (2))
  • FAA Approved (Supplement PQ4210CE)
  • 8130 Airworthiness Approval
  • PPG/PRC replacement
  • 30%-50% cost savings on average
  • Faster turnaround
  • Customizable packaging
  • Available pre-mixed and frozen (PMF)

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