NSL870: P/S 870 FAA-Approved Replacement

30-40% Potential Cost Savings - In Stock - Ready to Ship

NSL870 is a corrosion inhibiting airplane sealant, approved by the FAA for use on aircraft from Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, and more.

NSL870B1/2, NSL870B2, and NSL870B4 replace P/S870B1/2, P/S870B2, and P/S870B4.

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Find Which Aircraft Are Eligible to Use NSL870 and Other NSL PMA Sealants

Long Lead Times an Issue? Find Out How to Get P/S870 Replacements Immediately.

NSL870 gives you the option to replace P/S870, cutting long lead times and potentially gaining a 30-40% cost savings.

To begin the approval process, you need to know if the FAA has approved NSL870 on your aircraft.

In our PMA eligible aircraft directory, you can find lists of aircraft makes and models eligible to use NSL PMA Sealants, including NSL870B1/2, NSL870B2, and NSL870B4.