PMA Sealant Cross Reference Chart

Use our PMA sealant cross reference chart to find which NSL PMA sealants are FAA-approved replacements for PPG (Proseal) sealants. You can find a list of eligible aircraft for each PMA sealant here.

Sort the table by column or search by word. NSL PMA product names are linked to their corresponding product pages where you can find product information as well as technical data sheets and safety data sheets.

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PMA Part NumberClassPPG/Proseal ProductPMA No./ Supplement No.
NSL870B1/2, B2, B4P/S 870PQ4210CE
NSL890RCA1/2, A2, B1/2, B2, B4P/S 890PQ4210CE
NSL1422A1/2, A2, B1/2, B2PR-1422PQ4210CE
NSL1422RCA1/2, A2, B1/2, B2PR-1422PQ4210CE
NSL1428B1/2, B2 PR-1428PQ4210CE
NSL1440RCA1/2, A2, B1/2, B2PR-1440PQ4210CE
NSL1750B1/2, B2PR-1750PQ4210CE
NSL1776MB1/2, B2PR-1776MPQ4210CE