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Flamemaster has been consistently producing quality sealants for the aerospace industry since 1942.

CS3213 Class A and B and C

CS3213: Corrosion Inhibitive Sealant

CS3213 from Flamemaster is a corrosion inhibitive sealant intended for use on integral fuel tans and pressurized cabins as well as other areas subject to contact with aircraft fuels, lubricants, oils, water and/or weathering.

At room temperature, this two-part polysulfide cures to a flexible, resilient rubber. Learn more below or get a quote today.

Meets requirements of specification:   MIL-PRF-81733 & Lockheed STM-40-111

Packaging: Available in 2½ - and 6-oz. cartridges, pint, quart and gallon kits.  Also available in premixed and frozen cartridges. Other-size packaging available upon request.

Technical Data:  *
  • Cure Profile: A-¼A-½
  • Application Life (hrs): ¼½
  • Tack Free Time (hrs): 815
  • Cure Time (hrs): 1630
Shelf Life: 9 months | Consistency: Self Leveling | Color: Gray

Technical Data:  *
  • Cure Profile: B-¼B-½
  • Application Life (hrs): ¼ ½
  • Tack Free Time (hrs):  68
  • Cure Time (hrs): 1630
Shelf Life: 9 months | Consistency: Paste | Color: Gray

Technical Data:  *
  • Cure Profile: C-20
  • Application Life (hrs):
  • Tack Free Time (hrs): 48
  • Cure Time (hrs): 96
Shelf Life: 9 Months | Consistency: Rollable | Color: Gray

*Please consult the technical data sheet for specificities of environmental conditions that yielded the above data. Standard cure rates are based on industry curing standards. 


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