Sealant Cross Reference Chart

Use our aerospace sealant cross reference chart to find sealants from the OEM sealant manufacturers Royal Adhesives and Flamemaster (Chemseal) that are replacements for PPG (Proseal) aerospace sealants as they meet the same specification.

Sort the table by column or search by word. Royal Adhesives and Flamemaster (Chemseal) product names are linked to their corresponding product pages where you can find product information as well as technical data sheets and safety data sheets.

Royal AdhesivesFlamemaster (Chemseal)PPG (Proseal)3MSpecifications
CS3201P/S 707AMS-S-7124
WS-8020, WS-8020RCCS3204PR-1422AC-236, AC-240, AC-360, AC-350AMS-S-8802, AMS-S-8802 Ty1
WS-8020, WS-8020RCCS3205PR-1422AC-236, AC-240, AC-360, AC-350AMS-S-8802, AMS-S-8802 Ty1
WS-8020, WS-8020RCCS3204P/S 890AC-236, AC-240, AC-360, AC-350AMS-S-8802, CMNP021, Lockheed, Gulfstream, Hughes Aircraft
WS-8020, WS-8020RCCS3204PR-1440AC-236, AC-240, AC-360, AC-350AMS-S-8802, AMS3276, Lockheed, Gulfstream, Hughes Aircraft,
WS-8020CS5500PR-1750AC-350, AC-360AMS3276, FMS1044, FMS3055
CS5306PR-1826AMS3277 Ty1
WS-8030PR-1776AMS3277 Ty1
WS-8032, WS-8033CS5530PR-2007AMS3281 Ty2, MEP 09-084
WS-8031AMS3281 Ty3
CS3201P/S 894AMS7124
WS-8032SAMS3281 Ty2, BAMS552-008, BAMS552-009
WS-8020RCPR-1435AC-250CMNP021, Lockheed GA & CA
WS-8010CS3330PR-1321AMS3284, DMS2410
WS-8070CS3213P/S 870AC-665BMS5-95, CMNP007, Mil-PRF-81733, STM40-111
WS-516CS3100P/S 727Mil-PRF-8516G Class 1, 2, 3
WS-516CS3100PR-1201Mil-PRF-8516G Class 1, 2, 3
CS3202PR-383AA59293, Mil-S-11031
CS2415PR-340AC-632DMS1819, Mil-S-38228
CS2415P/S 735AC-632DMS1819, Mil-S-38228, STM40-006 Class A
CS2415P/S 895AC-632DMS1819, Mil-S-38228, STM40-006 Class A
CS1900P/S 700Mil-S-38249
WS-8010CS3330PR-1428AC-215AMS3284, DMS2410, Mil-S-8784
CS3247PR-1425Proposed AMS3333
CS3209CMNP094, STM40-109