Safely and effectively applying aircraft sealant and adhesives requires a high-quality aircraft sealant gun. In the below article, you’ll learn all about common types of sealant guns and their primary benefits. You’ll also learn about top brands of aircraft sealant guns on the market today.

NSL is proud to offer aircraft sealant guns alongside its robust catalog of aerospace sealants and adhesives. Reach out to one of our sales representatives to learn more about adding an aircraft sealant gun to your sealant order.

What is an aircraft sealant gun?

Aircraft sealant guns are used to dispense adhesives and sealants safely and effectively. They are designed to hold a cartridge firmly, helping the user apply the sealant product with more control and produce a straight, smooth line of adhesives or sealant.

Aircraft sealant guns help improve the sealant application process. They can also help the user apply the sealant faster while avoiding wasted product.

Types of Aircraft sealant guns

Below you will find the two primary types of aircraft sealant guns most commonly used in the aviation industry.


Manual sealant guns are the most basic form of sealant gun and require no air pressure to operate. They are easily portable and excellent for in-field application.


Pneumatic sealant guns require air pressure to operate. They run on compressed air and offer more control and less effort than manual aircraft sealant guns.

Most Popular Sealant Gun Brands

1. Beyer and Otto

Beyer and Otto offers both manual and pneumatic sealant guns that are known for their ease of use and durability. Beyer and Otto’s sealant guns are manufactured specifically to be compatible with both Semco and TechCon cartridges, the most common cartridges used in the aviation industry.

Their patent-pending system requires only a single cartridge holder to hold multiple cartridge sizes, making this the ideal sealant gun for users with multiple cartridge sizes. The innovative design allows the user to have a complete view of the fluid in the cartridge at all times.

For a manual sealant gun, the HP/SK-100 model is one of the best options on the market due to its lightweight, retractable cartridge holder system.

Beyer and Otto also manufactures pneumatic sealant guns that also use the same patent-pending technology, design, and are compatible with Semco and TechCon cartridges. For those in the market for air-pressured sealant guns, the SA-100 model provides great ease of use and pressure control.

In the below video, you can see how simple the process of loading a sealant cartridge is into this model of sealant gun.

2. Semco

Semco is one of the more popular brands of sealant guns. Their guns are manufactured specifically for the use of Semco disposable cartridges or Semkit packages. Semco manufactures both manual and pneumatic sealant gun models.

In comparison to Beyer & Otto, Semco is typically a higher-priced sealant gun. The Semco Model 850 is the most suitable for in-field application and is made of metal, increasing the durability of the sealant gun and length of use.

The Semco Model 250 is a pneumatic gun that is known for its quiet application and easy loading and unloading of cartridges.

3. TechCon

TechCon is the third most popular manufacturer of aircraft sealant guns. They are specifically designed to be compatible with TechCon cartridges.

The TS950-80-HA is a pneumatic model that offers a pistol grip application. It accommodates all TC series containers. TechCon is another popular choice of sealant gun, but is recommended with the use of TechCon products only.

Why does NSL Aerospace offer Beyer & Otto Sealant Guns in its Product Catalog?

If you are in the market for a Semco or TechCon sealant gun, Beyer & Otto sealant guns are compatible with both cartridge manufactures and may be the ideal option for your needs.

NSL Aerospace offers both manual and pneumatic sealant gun models and is here to help you find the perfect sealant gun to help improve the application of aircraft sealants.

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