Overview & FAQ: Aircraft Windshield Sealants

In the world of aviation adhesives, windshield sealants fill a unique role. As an aircraft flies, it endures an array of powerful forces, including weather, g-forces, vibrations, and drag. Windshield sealants must contend with these as well as withstand the test of time. This task requires a strong bond with a particular chemical makeup, which is why the FAA requires all airplane windshield sealants to comply with strict regulations.

The aviation sealants and adhesive industry offers a variety of products to fortify the strength of a windshield, including Dapco/Solvay and Flamemaster windshield sealants.

Aircraft Windshield Sealant: Defined

Aviation windshield sealants and canopy sealants are glues or adhesives intended for the specific purpose of fastening and weatherproofing aircraft windshields. These windshield sealants are designed to create a strong bond between specialty glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate materials and metal frames.


What Are Aviation Windshield Sealants Used For?

OEM and PMA airplane windshield sealants are used for repairing, replacing, and installing new airplane windshields.

What Makes Aircraft Windshield Sealant Unique?

Like most airplane glues and adhesives, windshield adhesives reinforce the structural integrity of aircraft parts. Windshield glass is a brittle material that can be fragile, making the job of its adhesive a difficult task. Windshields require unique sealants to prevent air, water, and dust intrusion. They can also be used to prevent a windshield crack or ding from spreading.

These sealants must also perform under the following circumstances:

  • High and low temperatures
  • Vibration
  • The high-speed force of the wind
  • UV rays

Frequently Asked Questions About Aircraft Windshield Sealants

Are sealants interchangeable?

As with all aviation sealants and adhesives, it's important to only use them for their intended use as defined by the manufacturer and the aircraft manual. All NSL products have been tested and certified to meet or exceed FAA standards for their intended use.

Is there a PMA equivalent for PPG windshield sealant?

No, but we distribute Dacpo/Solvay and Flamemaster sealants that are windshield sealants. We recommend that you use our Sealant Cross Reference Chart to find a sealant that will fulfill your needs.

Do airplane windshields need gasket sealer?

Always follow the instructions on your aircraft's owner manual to determine your plane's unique needs.

Can I use Silicone Sealant on an Aircraft Windshield?

Silicone sealants provide a waterproof and durable seal that can hold aircraft windshields and back windows in place on a permanent basis. Top silicone sealants for windshield include Dapco 72 Windshield Sealant.

Finding the Ideal Aircraft Windshield Sealant for Your Needs

When you're looking to purchase a windshield sealant for your personal aircraft or aviation repair business, NSL offers high-quality, trusted adhesive products. NSL Aerospace also provides superior service. Contact us if you have questions regarding aviation adhesives.