Sealant Spec Mil-PRF-81733


Understanding the MIL-PRF-81733 Sealant Specification

MIL PRF 81733 standardizes the products for accelerated, room temperature curing synthetic rubber compounds. These materials protect metal components on weapons and aircraft systems by sealing and coating them. These sealants perform a critical role: they are an effective barrier against the common causes of corrosion on aluminum alloys or between dissimilar metals.

This specification supersedes MIL-S-81733C It is commonly referenced as mil prf 81733, mil-prf-81733, and mil s 81733 sealant specification.

What are milspecs?

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) created "milspecs" (military/defense specifications and standards) as part of its Standardization Program, which, "seeks to limit variety in purchased items by stipulating certain design details." This helps make sure all parts used by the DOD in any capacity meet the same quality standards no matter their origin and ensures interoperability between products. It also provides a layer of protection against contractor fraud and promotes greater opportunities for competition among contractors by creating precise production and quality standards for product manufacture. Milspecs are abbreviated "MIL-STD" and "MIL-SPEC" and should always be in a product technical data sheet (TDS).

Read a more extensive explanation of milspecs on our page, Understanding Military Specifications and Standardizations for Aviation and Aerospace Sealants.

What products are covered by mil prf 81733?

This milspec covers many products. Here, we will discuss the products carried by NSL Aerospace on this website.

WS8070 Corrosion Inhibitive Sealant, Class B

WS-8070 from Royal Adhesives & Sealants is a corrosion inhibitive sealant intended for filleting and faying surface sealing of aircraft structures to prevent the effects of corrosion from occurring through water intrusion and dissimilar metal interaction.

This is a two-part manganese-cured polysulfide sealant with a service temperature of -65°F to 250°F (-54°C to 121°C). WS-8070 Class B has excellent retention of physical properties when exposed to aviation fuel and oils. It is a thixotropic paste with non-sag characteristics that is able to be applied by an extrusion gun or with spatula.

CS3213 Corrosion Inhibitive Sealant, Class A, B, and C

CS3213 from Flamemaster is a corrosion inhibitive sealant intended for use on integral fuel tanks and pressurized cabins as well as other areas subject to contact with aircraft fuels, lubricants, oils, water and/or weathering.

CS3213 is a two-part polysulfide base compound that cures at room temperature to a flexible, resilient rubber with excellent adhesion to aluminum, magnesium, titanium, steel, and numerous other materials. This sealant is designed to withstand the attack of sulfur compounds that are present in jet fuels. When mixed, CS3213 Type A is a self-leveling liquid. CS3213 Type B is a thixotropic paste that will not flow or sag on vertical or overhead surfaces. CS3213 Type C materials are intended for the sealing of faying surfaces.

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